We the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, Lafayette, L.A. Chapter, welcome you to our website. We are one of over 100 chapters that comprise the Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Clubs and one of four current BSMC chapters within the state of Louisiana. We are a nonprofit organization of motorcycle enthusiasts dedicated to our common mission of community service. We proudly strive to impact community goodwill through our school adoption practices, our mission of visitation and interaction with a local veterans’ retirement home and our community food drive efforts. Through our community education efforts, we pay endless tribute to the proud and rich legacy of the original Buffalo Soldiers of the Ninth & Tenth Cavalry Regiment. Amazingly, as we have presented historical accounts of the Buffalo Soldiers before youth groups in local schools, we have equally incited great interest among many tenured school teachers alike. For much of current and past conventional text book accounts either minimized or otherwise eliminated appropriate homage to the historical impact of the original Buffalo Soldiers. Those brave soldiers’ valor, courage and dedication to duty shall not remain an untold story. As such, we invite you to tour our website and become more aware of this important chapter of our country’s storied history. We incite you to visit our website often, as we will periodically post updates. For a broader perspective of our mission, we encourage you to visit the National (NABSTMC) and other BSMC chapters’ websites. We appreciate your visit and your interest!

President, BSMC Lafayette L.A. Chapter